Thursday, February 5, 2009


What color are your walls in your bedroom?
=>turqoise =)

What is on your bed sheets?
=>my pillow la with a blanket =p

What is under your bed?
=>floor, hahha.. belurus =D

How big is your bedroom?
=>ntahh, na ku menyukat.. ehe ;)

Do you have a bathroom in your bedroom?
=>i wish!! haha, kes malas turun tohh :p

Do you have a TV in your room?
=>nadaaaa =)

Is your computer in your bedroom?
=>nope =s

How much time do you spend in your bedroom each day?
=> i dont know eii, na ku kira bahhh =)

What is the strangest thing you have done in your bedroom?
=>apa arrrr, hmmph.. nada kalii..

What is your favorite thing to do in your bedroom?
=>tidurzzzzz, chat.. x)

What is the most embarassing thing in your bedroom?
=>ada tah tuu, mana bleh gtau, bluq =p

Do you share your bedroom with anyone?
=>ndaaaa =)

What is your favorite thing in your bedroom?
=>handphone, magazine and my books, hehs =p

What would you like to change about your bedroom?
=>luaskan my bilik, lalala ;)

What would you never change about your bedroom?
=>the floor xp

Have you ever spent a whole day in your bedroom?
=>yeap, ehe =D

If people saw your bedroom today would you be embarassed?
=>ndaaaa :p

Have you got anything hidden in your bedroom?
=>awuuuuu :)

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