Friday, May 15, 2009

Just a story.. good laugh.

One day an aeroplane has to go to Tokyo for an emergency flight.
It was stormy followed by heavy rains. During the flight, the aeroplane got a
flight problem. The plane was hard to control. It can't be manage
properly. The pilot was too scared and asks if there is any nearest airport so that they can land there. The only nearest airport was only
Brunei airport (don't look at the map cos it just a story). The pilot
tries to call the Brunei airport that their plane is going to land there.

Pilot : Can anyone receive this message?
RBA : Yes.carry on tah
Pilot: Our plane is stuck by a problem..
RBA: What problem?
Pilot : Our left wings have been struck by a thunder..
Pilot : what? should I do?
RBA : Bah.try to move the plane to the right..
Pilot : I can't
RBA : Why?
Pilot : My steering does not functioning anymore..
RBA : Calm down.try to use the automatic driver steering
Pilot : I can't
RBA : Why?
Pilot : Coz the mechanics throw that function away...
RBA : Try to increase the speed of your engine..
Pilot : I can't
RBA : Why? Don't say that you don't have an engine.
Pilot : No.the engine does not work properly coz it was second hand
RBA : Well this is critical for us
Pilot : What should I do?
RBA : Can you land about 20km ahead?
Pilot : I can't
RBA: Why?
Pilot : Coz our fuel is dried out
RBA : Well there is nothing I can help.there is only one hope..
Pilot: What..?
RBA : Repeat after me..
Pilot : OK!
RBA : Ashha dualla ilaha illallah wa ash ha du anna Muhammadurrassulullah

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