Tuesday, April 7, 2009


.. B a s i c s ..
Name: ina
Nicknames: eiyna
Age: 21years old
Birthday: 16th December 19**
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Height: 150 kalii, kali la a..

.. C u r r e n t ..
Location: somewhere in brunei XD
Song You're Listening To: gubrak by intan nuraini
Show/Movie You're Watching: macam2 aznil
Clothes You're Wearing: baju panjang tangan..
Person You're Talking To: my family
Mood You're In: good
Magazine You're Reading: mastika
Movie You Want To See: harry potter 6!!

.. F a v o r i t e s ..
Color: blue, white and black
Song: macam2, ahah.. banyak wa xp
Movie: nda tau :/
Show: macam2 aznil..
Drink: honeydew juice/ honeydew ice blended
Food: takoyaki && dorayaki
Book: novels and magazines
Sport: riding a bicycle..
Lipgloss: nda qu pakai..
Perfume: er, im allergic to perfume :/
Place To Shop: anywhere..
Thing To Do: bloggin!! xp

.. T h i s O r T h a t ..
Day or Night: day
T.V. or Movie: can i take both? hahah xp
Guys or Girls: both, im not bi k
Indoors or Outdoors: outdoors
Radio or CD: cd
Coffee or Pop: coffee
Sweet or Sour: sadang2 la
Myspace or Facebook: no one, ahah xp
Talking or Texting: texting =]
Quiet or Loud: both =p
Rain or Sunshine: rain!! ;p

.. L a s t ..
Place You Went: madang
Thing You Did: ironing the clothes
Movie You Watched: brainscan awhh..
Book You Read: mastika
CD You Listened To: nada
Thing You Bought: liquid eyeliner and mastika, atu jaa
Movie You Rented: manada ehy..
Vacation You Went On: pat HT Enterprise
Place You Took A Plane To: Kuala Lumpur

.. L a s t P e r s o n ..
You Hung Out With: my sisters
You Talked To On The Phone: my dad
You Messaged: kawan
You Commented: c.wanney`s profile
You Yelled At: nada kali..
You Got Annoyed With: my chatter
You Missed: ada ta tu.. (^_^)
You Went To The Mall With: my sister wa
You Saw A Movie With: alum baa..
You Went Out To Eat With: nadaa, majal xp
You Stayed The Night With: family, ahah xp

.. R a n d o m ..
Whose Is Your Best Friend: kawa, lily..
Do You Have A Car: coming soon kali, bth g wa..
What Is The Best Feeling In The World: ntahh :/
Do You Get Mad Easily: au =]
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life: my family
Ever Gone All Night Without Sleeping: ndaa
Are You Happy With Your Life: au

..Y o u t a g g e d..
and siapa ja yang sudi =]

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Lily said...

banyk yo tagged mu.. aku lg mls.. uhu.. nanti ku jwb a.. bila ku rajinn.. ehe.. key..