Thursday, February 12, 2009

the differences between msn, yahoo, mig33, ixenland( and minifriday(

kebaikannya saja qu bagi arr..

1/mig33 - dapat send gambar tapi 'kilobytes'(kB) nya mesti damit like 34kB,
- dapat group chat 'if' ada orang online pat your contact list.

2/msn - dapat group chat dengan chatters or kawan/cuzn,
- dapat send gambar, video clip, lagu.

3/yahoo - dapat add email msn arah komputer,
- even inda online more than 3 months, gerenti inda terblock,
- can send pictures too.

4/ixenland - can collect credits from commenting the blog and advice forum for buy
your new clothes, v.i.p items,
- can save pictures,
- got a game to win the credits.

5/minifriday - can chat,
- can shout,
- can dance and
- can order a drink or food.

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MR. KQPS said...

Anyway.. Friendster jua siuk kaliah!!